Vertus Fluid Mask

Vertus Fluid Mask

Vertus Fluid Mask is a program to cut off still images
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Vertus Fluid Mask is a program to cut off still images, performing masking.
The program works in stand-alone mode or as a Photoshop plug-in.

The process starts when you load the image you wish to cut off. You can use almost all the popular formats.

Now, you can find and blend the edges of the image. The program will analyze the image, finding and tracing blue edges between different colors, making it easy to choose what to keep and what to cut.

Then, you can determine more precisely the parts of the image that you want to preserve by painting them with the green brush, and the ones you want to eliminate by painting them with the red brush.

Depending on the image, it can be easier to you to select the "Auto fill with Keep" or "Auto fill with Delete" functions. That will gave you an image masked in green and red.

Then, pressing Ctrl-U or selecting from the menu the "Create a Cut-Out" function, you will obtain an image with everything you marked to keep erased, replaced with a blue mask. You can then save the result in .png or .tif format, for later use.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a useful tool when you need to remove the bacground of a photo


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